standeazy. one size, endless possibilities.

Standeazy Original

Polymer Phone and Mini Tablet Holder

Standeazy is credit card sized and supports a wide range of smartphone models, e-readers and even tablets, such as the iPad mini. Your perfect accessory to create, play, listen and share!


Standeazy Ultra

Aluminium Phone and Tablet Stand

Standeazy Ultra has a brushed aluminium finish for an extra special look and feel. For maximum flexibility with the largest variety of phones, e-readers and tablets, get the Standeazy Ultra.

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Standeazy Bespoke

The Corporate Giveaway to Keep

Discover a new and exciting, fresh, non-seasonal promotional gift for anyone looking for a unique, affordable gadget to giveaway! Perfect to brand, easy to post – what's your design going to be?

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what's so special about standeazy?

Portrait & Landscape

With your Standeazy you can enjoy devices hands-free in portrait and landscape – even with cases, bumpers or covers.

Credit Card Sized

Standeazy has a super practical size; just like a credit card it easily fits in your wallet, purse or pocket, so it's always with you.

Universal Stand

No additional bits required – Standeazy works with any smartphone and, depending on which material, e-readers and tablets as well.

Different Viewing Angles

Great when using Standeazy as a mini tripod – lots of angles to take photos or enjoy watching and sharing hands-free!