Standeazy. One size, endless possibilities.

Standeazy Original

Polymer phone and mini tablet holder
Standeazy phone and mini tablet stand
Standeazy is credit card sized and supports a wide range of smartphone models, e-readers and even tablets, such as the iPad mini. Your perfect accessory to create, play, listen and share!

The Standeazy Ultra

aluminium phone and tablet stand
The brushed aluminium phone and tablet stand
The Standeazy Ultra has a brushed aluminium finish for an extra special look and feel! For maximum flexibility with the largest variety of phones, e-readers and tablets, get the Standeazy Ultra.

Standeazy Bespoke

The corporate giveaway to keep
Discover a new and exciting, fresh, non-seasonal promotional gift for anyone looking for a unique, affordable gadget to giveaway! Perfect to brand, easy to post – what's your design going to be?

What's special about Standeazy?

Standeazy fits in the wallet

Credit Card Sized

Standazy has a super practical size; just like a credit card it easily fits in your wallet, purse or pocket, so it's always with you!
standeazy portrait and landscape viewing

Portrait and Landscape

With your Standazy you can enjoy devices hands-free in portrait and landscape – even with cases, bumpers or covers.
different viewing angles

Different Viewing Angles

Great when using Standeazy as a mini tripod – lots of angles to take photos or enjoy watching and sharing hands-free!
universal fit for any smartphone

Universal Phone Stand

No additional bits required – Standeazy works with any smartphone and, depending on which material, e-readers and tablets as well!

Standeazy in the press

From Tatler Man to the Gadgetshow...

“Let me say this straight out. Yes, I’d recommend this. They are incredibly sturdy. If you work in a hot-desking or “clean desk” environment then these temporary stands could be the answer to your dreams. “
“Smartphone stands come in many shapes and sizes however even the most portable ones you’ll find on the high-street aren’t as compact as the Standeazy smartphone stand. Setting up the Standeazy iPhone stand is incredibly easy – creating a rigid structure for your smartphone to rest on whether that be landscape or portrait. 8/10 stars”

Standeazy is a mini tripod - on two legs!

Great for commuting on the train

Emergency entertainment when out with kids!

Great for watching your own movies in the airplane

Standeazy - the stand for life
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