We spent a long time fine tuning the mechanism and design of the Ultra to make sure it has the best performance by staying its small size.

With the help of 3D printing, we experimented with the hinges and different shapes of the foot stop to get to a model that works even with the iPad pro.

Standeazy Ultra has a variety of settings for different sized smartphones and tablets to make it super versatile – but with so many sizes, protection options and thus weights, it is difficult to precisely specify the range of phones and tablets that it will support. As a rule of thumb, Standeazy Ultra work for:

  • standard smartphones with or without bumpers or covers in all angles portrait and landscape
  • 'plus' sizes smartphones and mini tablets with or without bumpers or covers in all angles landscape and steeper angles portrait
  • standard tablets without covers in some angles in landscape and steep angle in portrait. It will also accommodate some covers
  • 'plus' sized tablets without covers in some landscape angles only

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